Born in Hammond Indiana, a small suburb south of Chicago, Juss Tee was invoked to let her inner skills shine. Her parent raised her in a well-rounded environment which gave her the means to discover her passion through trial and experience. Her 7th grade year, on a class field trip to the Shedd Aquarium, Juss Tea was overwhelmingly intrigued by the Marine Mammal Trainers that conducted the aquatic show. From then on out she had made up her mind that Marine Biology was her career path. She spent the rest of her adolescent years doing programs that would set her up for success in the field.

Her junior year of high school was when she first realized her talented ability to draw. Yet still she did not spend in depth time perusing her new-found skills. Proceeding her high school graduation in 2015, Juss Tea was faced with 12 university acceptances. Ultimately, she made the choice to attend Savannah State University to study Marine Science. After completing two and a half years of school Juss Tea had begun to feel lost on whether or not she was perusing her true life’s purpose. Careful consideration pushed her to take a gap year and do some soul searching. Within two months of being back at home, and focusing on feeding her soul, Juss Tea remembered how her artistic side always seemed to sooth her mind. Immediately she dove into painting head first. Her passion grew immensely and now she is well on her way to a career in the arts field.

In September of 2018, Juss Tea was featured in her debut art shoe “Porch Piece”. The community welcomed her art with warm arms and more than half of the art works displayed were sold to the show’s attendees. Following the show, Juss Tea felt reassured that she was on the path God intended for her.

This free-spirited individual has goals of opening her own art studio that also doubles as a mental and spiritual wellness center. By infusing more black art into communities around the country Juss Tea strives to raise the self-pride of African Americans everywhere.

“Liberation begins within our communities and I’m raising awareness one stroke at a time”

                                                                                                                -Juss Tea


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